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Saddleworld Summer Catalogue Sale offers the Innovative Prestige Relax Performance Girth

The Prestige Relax Performance A 52 girth is a completely new concept which eliminates the lateral push/pull associated with traditional fixed girthing systems.

Be sure to check out this exciting innovation and take advantage of the Summer Catalogue Sale Price ... $424.95


Summer Catalogue Sale

Saddleworld Summer Catalogue Sale – Commences 29th September 2016

For more than 30 years Saddleworld has been a friend, advisor and supplier to Australian horse owners and riders.  

This sale is one of the best as Saddleworld has reduced the prices on more than 20 of the best selling saddles, along with bridle bargains and savings on clippers and mid season rugs and many other popular items.  They all come with expert advice and this   helps to make horse ownership fun and affordable



Taming the “Hairy Monster” – Saddleworld can help!!!

Springtime is the season of new beginnings - a burst of colour in the garden, new growth in the paddocks, new foals … and a new season of equestrian activity, so much to delight horse lovers of every persuasion!

Saddleworld has addressed the spriungtime grooming problems by introducing two new innovative products, which have been specifically designed to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and maximum results.



Lunging Horses – For Developing Obedience, Balance, Strength and Gymnastic Aptitude.

Lunging is a vital step in the training of horses from breaking in, right throughout their working life. 

Lunging is a valuable aid for establishing unconditional obedience to the forward driving aids and teaching the horse to accept a steady balancing contact with the bit, which facilitates confident compliance and a willing acceptance of training. 


Prestige Comfort Girth

Prestige Relax Performance Girth – A Big Problem Solved!

The new Relax Performance girth by Prestige is a small innovation that solves a big problem!

Many of today’s top horses are highly sensitive and hold back when the girth is tightened enough to keep the saddle in place.  A safely adjusted girth can be enough to interfere with the freedom of movement and potentially rob these horses of peak performance. Prestige - the Italian innovators, offer a solution!


Eurohunter Freedom Girth

Eurohunter Freedom Girth – helping to keep horses comfortable and happy!

Many horses are very sensitive, particularly when it comes to girthing.  Riders (and grooms) are well advised to bear this I mind if resistances begin to emerge.

If early signs of girthing problems are not addressed, the resistances are likely to become habituated and difficult to overcome. 


Safety First Signs

Safety First - wherever horses and people meet!

Whether at home, at a public equestrian venue or any place where horses and people share the space, SAFETY FIRST is a wise policy.


Fleck Whips

Fleck Whips – Tradition meets Innovation!

Fleck of Germany is the world’s leading manufacturer of superbly crafted whips, crops and bats, designed to aid performance in all equine sports including dressage, jumping, eventing, harness racing, carriage driving, recreational riding and lunging.


Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers – the little things make a big difference!

Today’s stirrup leather options are innovative with new styling features that gives a wide choice to suit every personal preference and budget.


Grazioli Boots

Grazioli Boots – give you the “professionals” edge!

Grazioli boots are made in Italy observing the traditional boot-maker’s craft, using only the highest quality materials, selected from the finest grain calf hides with leather lining and a leather foot strap. The Grazioli brand assures comfort, exceptional feel and superb elegance.


Prestige X-Technology

Prestige X Technology – designed for horse and rider comfort

Prestige’s X-Technology is a unique system that offers riders an ultra close contact and feel, with no compromise to the comfort and well-being of the horse. 


Horses in Bushfire

Horses and bushfires - Be prepared, stay safe!

Saddleworld thanks the CFA (Country Fire Authority) for their helpful hints for keeping us and our horses safe and thanks all of the wonderful volunteers for their tireless efforts when bushfires occur.

Whether your horses are located at home or on an agistment property you must plan and prepare for their safety.


Grainge Elite Bridlewear

Grainge 5 Point Breastplate- Secure the saddle to secure your success!

The demands of modern equestrian sport means that nothing can be left to chance, and the trainer must make the right equipment choices and understand how to correctly fit and adjust the gear to ensure that the horse is able to move with freedom, confidence and ease.


Grainge Golden Fleece Bell Boots

Grainge Golden Fleece Bell Boots – The Humble Helper

Grainge Golden Fleece Bell Boots are the “humble helper” with the prevention of injury and as an added bonus, they are so easy to use and maintain.   They fasten with Velco fittings and are comfortable and non-chafing.  Using Grainge Golden Fleece Bell Boots every day can help to provide protection against injury.


Eurohunter Comfort Girths

Girthing Issues – 5 Helpful Hints

There are many ways that we enjoy our relationship with horses, training them in a sport of choice and enjoying the satisfaction of developing a relationship, which enables our horses to become more capable and confident in their work. Girthing problems can interfere with the horse's comfort and acceptance - here are some helpful hints.


Pessoa Training System

Pessoa Training System

The Pessoa Training System is a lunging aid designed by International show jumping rider Nelson Pessoa. This innovative training system can be adjusted to encourage the young or green horse to go long and low and can be changed to put the horse more “together” for the more advanced collected frame – or anything in between.



Spring means Flowers, Foals and Founder

Springtime is a glorious season for horse lovers.  It brings perfect days for riding and enjoying the company of our equine friends.  We all love new foals and the promise of great things to come … but the abundance of spring grass also brings a very real risk of Laminitis – often known as “fat pony founder”.
Be sure you understand the risks and take precautions.


Grainge Elite Bridlewear

Show Season – Step out with the X Factor in Grainge Show Bridles

In show and turnout classes, presentation is paramount.  Top quality, well cared-for bridlewear is the “the winning edge” that gives your look the X factor!


Clarino Chapettes

Chapettes – Save your legs and save your money!

Riders have come to understand the benefits of wearing leather top boots to protect their legs and stabilise the position of the calf and ankle to allow the refined application of the “driving and bending” aids.  A rider’s legs are the main influence on a horse’s forward movement, obedience and suppleness. Read 5 reasons why.


Grainge Golden Fleece

Sheepskin Pads – More than a just a pretty look, Read 5 Reasons why!

The use of shaped sheepskin saddle pads has become popular … and at first glance one could be forgiven for thinking that it is a fashion trend! This is far from the case and just an added bonus.


Prestige Leather Care Kit

Leather Care – 4 tips for protecting and rejuvenating!

Next to the purchase of a horse, the saddle is likely to be the riders’ most significant investment, so taking good care of this asset is a worthwhile consideration. Read our 4 tips to good maintenance and care of your valuable leather goods.


Woollen Rug

Winter Care Considerations.

For many pleasure and competition horses, the winter months are time to unwind and enjoy a well-earned break.  However, turning horses out for winter is less common in the modern era, as many enthusiasts train at specialist facilities, which include all weather riding surfaces or an indoor arena.

Exercise is good for people and also good for horses, so winter activity adds to the health and wellbeing of all concerned.  Owners who take a holistic approach to winter management will reap the rewards, as paying special attention to general horse care; exercise, feeding and rugging will ensure that no undetected changes can develop into serious health or management problems.


Eurohunter Girths

Eurohunter Girths – care for your horse – care for your pocket.

Using old, worn, poor quality and poor fitting gear is acknowledged to be false economy for horse owners/trainers and can be responsible for the onset of resistant behaviour which could progress to highly undesirable behavioural traits that are difficult to overcome and in a worst case scenario, downright dangerous.

Girthing can be a troublesome matter for owners of sensitive or reactionary horses and particular care is needed to understand the performance expectations of various girths.  It is recommended that the owner does adequate research and talk to an expert about the readily available and affordable choices. 


Magic Brush

Magic Brush - makes light work of grooming.

One of Germany's BEST SELLERS – now available at Saddleworld.

This Multi award winning Magic Brush guarantees to be the BEST
brush you will ever own.  This versatile grooming aid is highly
effective and virtually indestructible - even if your horse stands on it.


Saddleworld Bitting and Bit Care Guide -

The bit is the primary point of contact and control used for riding horses. While a number of riding styles and disciplines manage this point of control differently and in some cases, eliminating the bit completely, the concept of a bit and bridle is fundamental.  It is also acknowledged that incorrect bitting, clumsy or incorrect early training or a horse with a mental block or some other resistance to accepting the control of the bit will hinder the progress of training and make harmonious horsemanship impossible.