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Horse Health

Prestige XTechnology

Prestige X-Technology – The Winning Edge!

Prestige Italia have become world leaders in the manufacture of saddles and riding equipment, designed to meet the highest expectations of competitive riders and serious horse trainers.

Prestige’s X-Technology is a unique system that offers riders an ultra close contact and feel, with no compromise to the comfort and well-being of the horse.      



Prevent Dehydration with KER DRINK-UP™

We have all heard the saying – “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink!” and this is certainly true when it comes to ensuring that horses are in good health and able to produce their best work – we must be confident that the horse will drink, as adequate hydration is vital if the horse is to put in a winning performance.


Mozzie Plague

Mosquito Wars – Saddleworld makes YOU the Winner!

While many people on the land have welcomed exceptionally high spring rains and abundant growth, the heavy rainfall and floods have led to ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes - even in non-tropical areas. Diseases spread by insects are called ‘vector- borne’ and the warm, wet weather has provided a perfect environment for flying and biting pests.


Saddleworld Summer Catalogue Sale offers the Innovative Prestige Relax Performance Girth

The Prestige Relax Performance A 52 girth is a completely new concept which eliminates the lateral push/pull associated with traditional fixed girthing systems.

Be sure to check out this exciting innovation and take advantage of the Summer Catalogue Sale Price ... $424.95


Summer Catalogue Sale

Saddleworld Summer Catalogue Sale – Commences 29th September 2016

For more than 30 years Saddleworld has been a friend, advisor and supplier to Australian horse owners and riders.  

This sale is one of the best as Saddleworld has reduced the prices on more than 20 of the best selling saddles, along with bridle bargains and savings on clippers and mid season rugs and many other popular items.  They all come with expert advice and this   helps to make horse ownership fun and affordable


Magic Brush

Magic Brush – Make your grooming woes disappear – like magic!!!

With much of Australia experiencing wet and muddy conditions, horse owners are grappling with extra grooming.

A Magic Brush makes light work of the chore, due to the unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles, which facilitate astonishing results - cleaning, grooming and massaging – “just like magic”!  The bristles adjust to the hair quality, level of dirt and debris and work with the same efficiency on a wet or dry coat.  


Healthy Well  aintained Hooves

NO Hoof … NO Horse.  Good Hooves are a Horse’s Best Insurance Policy!

Without strong healthy feet, horses cannot perform at their best.  Weak hooves are a serious impediment to horses’ health and wellbeing, thus jeopardising fulfilment of the potential for which they were bred.


Prestige Comfort Girth

Prestige Relax Performance Girth – A Big Problem Solved!

The new Relax Performance girth by Prestige is a small innovation that solves a big problem!

Many of today’s top horses are highly sensitive and hold back when the girth is tightened enough to keep the saddle in place.  A safely adjusted girth can be enough to interfere with the freedom of movement and potentially rob these horses of peak performance. Prestige - the Italian innovators, offer a solution!


Eurohunter Float Boots

Transporting Horses – Leg Protection to Minimise the Risk of Injury.

To enjoy horse sport and make it possible to participate in equine activities, shows and competitions, it will be necessary for owners and riders to move horses to the venue in a float or truck. Transporting horses can be dangerous and great care is necessary to prevent people or horses getting hurt.


Prestige Leg Boots

Prestige High Performance Leg Protection Boots

Prestige Italia brings to the discerning rider and trainer the ultimate protection for their horse’s precious legs.  The Prestige range of performance boots will ensure that your horse is in the best care and protected from the everyday bumps and knocks, which can result in serious ongoing injuries and down time.


Pro Mesh Boots

Protecting your horse’s legs – Prevention is better than cure!

Whether dancing in the dressage arena, jumping so high as to draw gasps from the crowd, or just enjoying a bush ride with their favourite human, the horse works hard to please … and their legs do most of the work! 



Spring means Flowers, Foals and Founder

Springtime is a glorious season for horse lovers.  It brings perfect days for riding and enjoying the company of our equine friends.  We all love new foals and the promise of great things to come … but the abundance of spring grass also brings a very real risk of Laminitis – often known as “fat pony founder”.
Be sure you understand the risks and take precautions.


Rose Hip Vital

Rose-Hip Vital® Equine - Up to 37% off at the Saddleworld Super Spring Catalogue Sale  

Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is an exciting and innovative natural joint treatment and nutritional supplement for joint health and general wellbeing of horses. Made from patented Danish Rosehip powder, it’s a unique clinically proven plant-based powder which is primarily used to relieve and prevent joint pain, stiffness and cartilage degeneration.


Promectin Plus MINI

Promectin Plus MINI – the Concentrated and Compact All Wormer for All Horses

A concentrated broad-spectrum all-wormer, which is simple, safe and effective against worms, bots and tapeworms.  The compact mini syringe makes it easy for a small hand to administer the correct dose easily with no spillage or wastage.


Horse and Float image

 Travel Stress – Understand the precautions and recognise the signs

Australian horse owners are active participants in all facets of equine activity including racing and equestrian competitions, club events and pleasure riding. 

Involvement will often necessitate transporting horses and for most people  this undertaking requires some special knowledge and attention to detail to ensure that the horse is safe and arrives in good health.


Horse with Glanders

 Glanders – World’s Equine Community on High Alert

Glanders had not been a problem for many years but recent outbreaks hae shut down the free movement of horses from Germany.  The export halt is set at 6 months from the last reported case.  Below is a desctiption of the disease presented by the Queensland Horse Council…


Glanders Update from Equine Veterinarians Australia

Now that Germany has reported a glanders case to the OIE, it loses its status as an approved country for the export of horses to Australia.



German Horse Imports to Australia Threatened

The OEI was notified on Friday ((30th Jan. 2015) of a case of the equine disease Glanders in Germany. (See link below) This will have an impact on the export certification of horses from Germany.


Horse Drinking

Hot Weather – Helping your Horse to Cope.

Horses have evolved to cope with cold weather much better than they are equipped to cope with the heat. Even at rest, extreme summer conditions can cause horses to become overheated and uncomfortable and this could develop into heat stroke. This is a very serious condition requiring Veterinary intervention.


Strangles Symptom

Kohnke's Own Seasonal Alert - Strangles Outbreak

Strangles, caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi, is a highly contagious infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract and lymph nodes of the head, affecting horses, ponies and donkeys.


Equestrian Australia

Hendra Vaccination By-Law – feedback now being sought

As part of the scheduled review into its Hendra Vaccination By-Law and Equestrian Competition Biosecurity Checklist, Equestrian Australia (EA) is now accepting feedback from members and affiliated clubs.


Thomas Tuytens

Kentucky Horse Boots  - High Tech advancements ensure superior protection.

It was with great enthusiasm that Saddleworld recently welcomed 32 year old Thomas Tuytens, (left) the principal of Kentucky Horsewear from Belgium, to Australia as a special guest at the Saddleworld Annual Conference and product training sessions which are a part of the stores’ continuing professional development and staff education.


Queenslan Horse Council

Queensland’s biosecurity regulations - have your say ...

Farmers, landowners and community members are invited to comment on new biosecurity regulations to protect the agricultural sector and our environment.

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh said the regulations would underpin the new Biosecurity Act 2014 passed by Parliament earlier this year.


Rose Hip Vital

Rose-Hip Vital  – Safe and effective joint health for horses and dogs – now at Saddleworld.

This unique active patented compound stops excess white blood cells from gathering in the joints, thereby breaking the cycle of inflammation. 

Testimonials for Rose-Hip Vital show that horse owners and trainers have seen significant pain relief and restored freedom of movement … without the use of Phenylbutazone or other steroidal and prohibited drugs


Laminitic Pony

Springtime – BEWARE of Laminitis!!

Experienced horse owners and carers understand the seriousness of Laminitis (commonly called Founder) and how quickly horses, in particular, ponies, can be affected.  Do not underestimate the need to be vigilant as “a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure” and when a horse has foundered, changes to the foot occur and these changes will affect the horse (in varying degrees) for the rest of it’s life and some horses are unable to be rehabilitated to soundness, to have feet which fit into the “normal” range.  Dr John Kohnke BVSc RDA has put this helpful information together to help identify and understand Laminitis and offer assistance to owners and carers.


Equestrian Australia

EA Statement – Hendra Vaccination By-Law

2nd September, 2014: In line with the Hendra Vaccination By-Law, Equestrian Australia (EA) has reviewed the By-Law before the proposed implementation date of 1st October 2014.

In the review process, EA has taken into account submissions from members, its Branches and club affiliates. EA has also recently received further scientific advice upon vaccination duration of immunity, and the correlation of the geography/known distribution of flying fox species and their relationship to infected premises/outbreaks.


WEG Logo

WEG - State-of-the-art Veterinary Faciities in Normandy

Germany claimed the Dressage team title in convincing style at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, France today. Already out in front after their first two riders completed their tests yesterday, they nailed it with two more superb performances to finish well clear of Great Britain in silver medal spot, while the defending champions from The Netherlands took bronze. 


Dr John Kohnke

Dr John Kohnke comes to Mustad Saddleworld, Kilmore

Mustad Saddleworld  invites you to a Seminar on Saturday 23rd August, 2014, with their special guest Dr John Kohnke BVSc RDA, arguably the most well-known Australian Equine Veterinarian, internationally acclaimed Equine Nutrition Advisor and Author.


Equestrian Australia

Equestrian Australia Hendra Vaccination By-Law
FAQ’s for Event Organisers

What is a Hendra Vaccinated Event - HVE?

A Hendra Vaccinated Event (HVE) is an Event that requires all or some of the attending horses to be vaccinated against Hendra Virus.

How can I find out if I need to classify my event as a HVE?


Rose Hip Vital

Rose-Hip Vital® Equine - Effective Management of Pain and Swelling

Made from pure and natural Rosehips, which are grown and manufactured in Denmark, it’s a unique clinically proven plant based powder, which is primarily used to relieve pain and stiffness. It’s also a powerful antioxidant and rich source of natural vitamin C which together provide significant support to the immune system.


Horse and Vet

West Nile Fever - Things You Should Know
by the Australian Veterinary Association

In the summer and autumn of 2011, an unprecedented number of cases of neurological disease in horses occurred across the south-east of Australia. A variant West Nile virus (WNV) strain, WNVNSW2011 was identified as the causative agent for most cases. This virulent virus emerged in Australia. WNVNSW2011 is related to the indigenous WNV strain in Australia, Kunjin virus, but is substantially more neuroinvasive.


Roger Warm Up

Talking Horse Care - Racing
By Dr John Kohnke  BVSc

Most equestrian horse owners respect the many challenges that are faced by race horse trainers when it comes to feed, fitness, care of joints that facilitate continuity of training for the horses in their stable. The success of the trainer's business is closely aligned with the success of their horses ... and horses that are not fit and well, cannot race and cannot win. A successful trainer will have many"secrets" and you can find many of them in this article.

Expert Equine Vet, nutrition and horse care specialist Dr John Kohnke has written this excellent article and all horse owners will find it very helpful.


Car and Float

Travel Stress - Common Problems Fact Sheet
By Dr John Kohnke  BVSc

In order to enjoy horses and participate in horse sport, most owners choose to participate in activities and competition for which they have trained and prepared their horse.  This usually necessitates transporting the horse from where it is kept and trained to the competition or event venue.

Transporting horses must be done with care and by a person with considerable experience.  Horses accept travel in many different ways.  For some horses it is no big deal, however, for others the float/truck trip is highly stressful and this can lead to secondary problems, many of which can have serious or life threatening consequences.


Two Horses

Kohnke's Own - Talking Horses – Care of Aged Horses.

Vet and horse care specialist Dr John Kohnke has shared some interesting and helpful advice about the care of aged horses.


Hendra Kills

AVA Warns - Hendra kills - horses must be vaccinated

Following the latest Hendra case in Gladstone, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) says that all horse owners must have their horses vaccinated to prevent the deadly Hendra virus.

President of Equine Veterinarians Australia, Dr Nathan Anthony said, “It’s not enough to cross your fingers when it comes to the Hendra Virus. Hendra kills horses and it kills people. Every death from Hendra virus is now preventable.


queensland Horse Industry Alliance

New Hendra virus case confirmed in Gladstone area

Biosecurity Queensland has quarantined a property in the Gladstone area after a deceased horse tested positive for Hendra virus infection.

Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Allison Crook said the horse had been unwell for a number of days and was found dead on Thursday.

“The positive test result was received last night,” Dr Crook said.

“Tracing and exposure assessments are being undertaken on other horses that may have had contact with the infected horse to work out if further testing needs to be done.

"The property has been quarantined which means restrictions apply to moving horses and horse materials on and off the property. The quarantine will be in place for at least one month.”

Queensland Health is following up all human contacts. At this stage it appears no one is at serious risk.


Kohnke Foal

Kohnke’s Own - Talking Horses – Breeding

John Kohnke has made it his life’s work to help people care for their horses and to ensure that they stay healthy and well and able to meet the demands of they’re life with humans.  With the breeding season just a couple of months away, horse owners will be planning the matings for their mares and preparing for the birth of new life.  Here are some handy hints for this exciting time of the year.


Equesrian Queensland

Equestrian Australia and the Hendra Virus

The Board of Equestrian Queensland bi-annually holds meetings with the Sport Committees. After the recent announcement of EA’s Hendra By-law on 1st July, 2014 and at the request of some of our Sports Committees, it was agreed that a meeting be convened between the Sport Committees and the EQ Board, prior to the EQ Board meeting on Tuesday 15 July, 2014.

It was acknowledged that due to the impact on event organisers and clubs as it related to events, that the invitation be extended to include those stakeholders.


Equestrian Australia

Equestrian Australia releases Hendra Vaccination by-Law

Equestrian Australia (EA) has a responsibility to its members, horses, event organising committees and venues to take reasonable steps to protect equine and human health. It is with this in mind that the EA national board has adopted a new by-law outlining the Hendra vaccination requirements for horses which attend EA and FEI sanctioned events in Australia.


Mud Fever

MUD FEVER – the things you should know!

Many horses and ponies are susceptible to skin problems and the wet winter months can present seasonal difficulties for horses.   Those with long hair on their legs and white socks, are particularly at risk and hind legs are more prone to mud fever than the front.   The condition is very painful and spreads quickly.   Severe cases are difficult to treat, as horses become resentful and resistant, posing risks for their carer or handler.


Equivac Package

Equivac® Vaccines – your cheapest form of Equine Insurance!

Most horse owners have heard of Tetanus and Strangles as these health issues pose a real threat to the life of a horse. 

Tetanus causes signs of muscle stiffness, tremors and "lockjaw". Treatment is difficult, time consuming, very expensive and often unsuccessful. 

Strangles is the most significantly infectious disease affecting horses. It is caused by a bacterium, Streptococcus equi, which is highly contagious and horses kept in close proximity to other horses with frequent stock movement on the property, are highly susceptible.


Keeping your horse Safe in a Fire! - “Dr John Kohnke BVSc RDA”

Bush fires have become an unwanted summer occurrence in many areas of Australia. This season is shaping up to be a high risk period as well because of the high fuel load of standing dry grass, undergrowth and leaves and t wigs shedding from trees, especially Eucalypts and the extreme temperatures. Within 2-3 days of a ‘heat wave’, pastures can become ‘tinder dry’ and trees drop their dead, dried out leaves.

Fires cause a risk of serious injury and death to both humans and horses. Many horses suffer from burns to their hooves and legs although they may survive the fire itself.



Summer Heat Alert - Some Handy Hints
- “Dr John Kohnke BVSc RDA”
The summer months in Southern Australia are normally hot and dry, and in these states the hot weather, as well as in some northern areas where the tropical heat and high humidity combine, the ambient heat in the air can reduce the ability of a horse to lose heat absorbed when out in the paddock grazing, in stables overnight, as well as during and after training exercise.



Bushfire Safety - If you are threatened by bushfires and your horse is unattended for many hours while you are ar work or away, it is best to leave them without rugs or headstalls.

This can seem like poor advise as a headcollar makes horses easier to catch, should they leave their regular paddock. However, the metal buckles and rings used in the manufacture of headcollars and halters, can get very hot if the horse is exposed to fire and nylon rugs melt in heat and stick to the hair and skin.

Natural fibres are much less flammable and no rug is best ... as any gear will expose the horse to becoming tangled or burnt more seriously.

If you are faced with the risk of bushfire, move horses to a cleared area with as little "fuel" as possible, leave them with no gear.

Be sure to have a bushfire plan and be ready to act quickly.