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Australia’s dressage and jumping World Equestrian Games nomination events


Australia’s dressage and jumping World Equestrian Games nomination events

Team positions are on the line for Australia’s equestrian elite who are stepping out to contest the first dressage and jumping nomination events being held to select combinations for the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games.

Jumping riders are in Belgium for the Mons Ghlin CSI4* before travelling to Germany to contest the Spangenberg CSI3* next weekend.

Short listed Jumping rider David Goodwin is one of eight riders lining up to contest the two round series. The 27 year old travelled to Europe in December 2013 in a bid to secure a position on the Australia team.

Goodwin says he’s happy to have the support of his father Lindsay who has made the trip from regional Queensland to watch his son compete in the back to back nomination events.

“It’s always great to have a bit of a support team at the important competitions. I think that kind of thing can help keep me calm and in a better place mentally.

“At a lot of the competitions here things have been very unfamiliar and to be out of your comfort zone isn’t always great for performance. I’m very lucky that both my parents are supportive of anything I do and it’s nice to know there is a backup for me with them if things go pear shaped,” he said.

Goodwin declared he won’t be donning any good luck charms during the events but believes, ‘staying focused on routine, keeping relaxed and being ready early’ will be as good as a lucky charm.

Australia’s dressage contenders are in Austria for the Fritzens CDI4* and will have three weeks to prepare for the second nomination event which is to take place in Deauville, France from 25-27 July.

Dressage rider Briana Burgess and her ‘stable professor’ La Scala believes the pair is super fit and ready for the crucial nomination events.

Burgess, the youngest rider named on the dressage long list has been preparing for the events under the watchful eye of her Swedish trainer Patrik Kittel, who is married to Burgess’ fellow long listed rider Lyndal Oatley.

“The training environment is naturally super. Everyone is hard working and motivated and in general very good people who are a pleasure to be around.

“For me the environment is ideal and I feel very lucky to be a part of that,” commented Burgess.

Australian Jumping and Dressage nomination events – what you need to know:



Dressage Long List (in alphabetical order)
Hayley Beresford and Jaybee Alabaster (please note Hayley has withdrawn from the Fritzens event, please click HERE for more information)
Briana Burgess and La Scala III
Mary Hanna and Sancette
Kristy Oatley and Louisa 34
Kristy Oatley and Ronan 2
Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy
Maree Tomkinson and Diamantina 4


Fritzens (AUT) CDI4* Grand Prix 4 July
Deauville (FRA) CDI3* Grand Prix 25 July

Process of Selection
A ranking list will be created by averaging the results for each combination from the Grand Prix class of each nomination event. The top 4 ranked combinations from this ranking list will be selected to compete as part of the WEG team. (To view the selection policy click HERE).



Jumping Short List (listed in alphabetical order)
Thaisa Erwin and Matilda
David Goodwin and Warrego Jericho
Amy Graham and Bella Baloubet
Julia Hargreaves and Vedor
Jamie Kermond* and Quite Cassini/Killeter Park Caracas
James Passy and Yirrkala Cortina
James Paterson-Robinson* and Vincente/Boris
Alison Rowland and Bickley Brook Bella

* Riders named on two horses are deemed to be one combination. Riders will nominate the preferred horse in conjunction with the Jumping Selection Panel following the first qualifying round.


Mohns Ghlin (BEL) CSI4* Qualifying Round and Grand Prix 4-6 July
Spangenberg (GER) CSI3* Qualifying Round and Grand Prix 11-13 July

Process of selection

Following the two round nomination series, the top two ranked combinations will earn automatic nomination to Australia’s Jumping team for the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games. In accordance with the selection policy, in order to obtain one of these positions athletes must:

· Be one of the two combinations to have the least total penalties accumulated during the nominated qualifier and 1st round of the designated Grand Prix competition in each of the nomination events.
· To be eligible for an automatic nomination, the total penalties accumulated during the qualifying round for the Grand Prix and the first round of the Grand Prix must be no more than 20 penalties. Further, the combination must complete the qualification round and first round of the Grand Prix across both nomination events.

National Jumping Selectors will choose a further two combinations to make up the Australian team of five. Edwina Tops-Alexander has already earned early nomination to the Australian team (click HERE for more information).